Who are the fallen leaves? They are angels and they are monsters. They are friends, wives, mothers, and lovers. They are rainbows and falling stars. They are all around us. They are within us.

Some are bitter and cold and they crush in your hands on a cold winter day. Some are warm and colorful and invite you into their homes. But none last forever.

The stories this month are about our choices. Who will our friends be? What changes will we go through? What might we destroy, or what might destroy us? All stories. All choices. All leaves.

As a publisher, it occurred to me that writers experiment with storytelling. They try different voices, different styles, different characters, seeing what works best for them on paper. And so it is with life, a constant experiment.

We all are the fallen leaves. In the end, you make your own story. Don’t let the story make you.

Welcome to Fallen Leaves.

We made it!

We’ve just released the second magazine in the series Longshot Island. This one is called Fallen Leaves and showcases photography of the woods in winter by M. H. Vesseur.  This time we’ve also included an interview with Samuel Claussen and poems by Justin Kern. And don’t forget, stories of fiction by a host of talented authors.







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