Bloggers Rule

Here are great reviews of Longshot Island by the blogging community.
Much love and thanks to all.

Cathleen Townsend: It’s incredibly validating to be published. If you haven’t had the experience yet, I envy you the pure joy of whirling around the house, dancing on air because someone published you. It makes you stand straighter as a writer.
4 Ways Longshot Island Helps Emerging Authors

Pete Johnson: Not only has my story been published on the website, it will be included in the next magazine, and they will send me five copies by way of payment. I found the whole process very exciting.
Positive Rejection

Amanda J Evans:  My first impression was, Wow. This is a high-quality magazine and the layout is beautiful.
Longshot Island Magazine Open for Submissions

David Whitaker: I’m thrilled to join the ranks of their published authors.
Wonderful Day

Pete Johnson: When I received the copies of the latest Longshot Island magazine containing my published story, Daniel suggested I might like to take some photos of the magazines in unusual places.
Magazine Photoshoot


  1. I am happy to confirm my original comment. Since first being contacted, I have had more email communication with Daniel and find him to be a genuine, likeable, and approachable man, with great experience as a writer himself. What he is doing with his magazine is a tonic for anyone aspiring to be published.
    I urge anyone to try with their own submission.
    Best wishes to everyone, Pete.

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