What do we mean by leaving home? For some of us, it’s the first time away from family. The first time living on your own. And for others, it’s the time we ran away from somewhere, or something.

For young couples, it’s a break up. For a father kissing his daughter goodbye when she goes to school, it’s the pang of emotion that can’t be described. For a soldier going off to war, it’s the possibility of never returning.

The stories in this issue are about the places we call home. Will we set them on fire? Will we breathe our last breath there? Will we experience our first kiss? Will our souls be set free from this earthly home to discover new worlds?

As a publisher, it occurred to me that writing is about introspection. It’s about trying to explain things using metaphors and illustrations. It’s the struggle to reveal the true depth of that inner world we call home.

We are all at home. And we’ve all left home. In the end, home is where you find yourself. And lose yourself.

Welcome to Leaving Home.

The moment we’ve all been waiting for…Vol. 3 is out!

This is without a doubt our best publication ever. We’ve got artwork by sculptor Guinotte Wise,  who was also the recipient of a $1000 cash grant for his short story collection. We’ve got poetry by Pushcart nominated author Ute Carson. We’ve got book reviews. And much more. Don’t forget, we’ve also got great stories by authors near and far, new and experienced. Without a doubt, Longshot Island is the magazine for the modern reader.


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