Hidden Nature

Who can really see into the depths of our hidden selves? Who can tell us what resides in the farthest places that make up who we are? Can we discover our hidden nature in a mirror? From our closest friends? From our mothers and fathers?

Our hidden nature might come out when we move to a new town or a new country. It might be seen in a leaf we pick up from the ground, as we pry it apart, wondering why we feel older today. It becomes apparent when a family acts out roles around the dinner table. Or when grandma forgets your name. Or when someone we love leaves this world behind.

As a publisher, it occurred to me that writing is about the transition in the lives of the characters we construct. It’s that hidden nature that comes out at the end of the story. It’s those thought provoking moments when we realize who we really are. That transform us into something new.

We all have a hidden nature inside us. Take a look at yourself. Look at the hidden you.

Welcome to your hidden nature.


And then there were four…

We’re excited to have published No. 4 in the Longshot Island series. This one is called Hidden Nature and features artwork from the Pacific Northwest coastline, things found near the beach. Inside you’ll find an interview with Jonathan DeCoteau, poetry by Akshat Thakur, nonfiction by Pete Johnson, as well as talented fiction by an impressive group.



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