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Leaving Home

What do we mean by leaving home? For some of us, it’s the first time away from family. The first time living on your own. And for others, it’s the time we ran away from somewhere, or something.

For young couples, it’s a break up. For a father kissing his daughter goodbye when she goes to school, it’s the pang of emotion that can’t be described. For a soldier going off to war, it’s the possibility of never returning.

The stories in this issue are about the places we call home. Will we set them on fire? Will we breathe our last breath there? Will we experience our first kiss? Will our souls be set free from this earthly home to discover new worlds?

As a publisher, it occurred to me that writing is about introspection. It’s about trying to explain things using metaphors and illustrations. It’s the struggle to reveal the true depth of that inner world we call home.

We are all at home. And we’ve all left home. In the end, home is where you find yourself. And lose yourself.

Welcome to Leaving Home.

The moment we’ve all been waiting for…Vol. 3 is out!

This is without a doubt our best publication ever. We’ve got artwork by sculptor Guinotte Wise,  who was also the recipient of a $1000 cash grant for his short story collection. We’ve got poetry by Pushcart nominated author Ute Carson. We’ve got book reviews. And much more. Don’t forget, we’ve also got great stories by authors near and far, new and experienced. Without a doubt, Longshot Island is the magazine for the modern reader.

Bloggers Rule

Here are great reviews of Longshot Island by the blogging community.

Much love and thanks to all.

Cathleen Townsend: …it’s incredibly validating to be published. If you haven’t had the experience yet, I envy you the pure joy of whirling around the house, dancing on air because someone published you. It makes you stand straighter as a writer.

4 Ways Longshot Island Helps Emerging Authors

Pete Johnson: Not only has my story been published on the website, it will be included in the next magazine, and they will send me five copies by way of payment. I found the whole process very exciting…

Positive rejection

Amanda J Evans:  My first impression was, Wow. This is a high-quality magazine and the layout is beautiful.

Longshot Island Magazine Open for Submissions


Longshot Island Magazine Open For Submissions


Fallen Leaves

Who are the fallen leaves? They are angels and they are monsters. They are friends, wives, mothers, and lovers. They are rainbows and falling stars. They are all around us. They are within us.

Some are bitter and cold and they crush in your hands on a cold winter day. Some are warm and colorful and invite you into their homes. But none last forever.

The stories this month are about our choices. Who will our friends be? What changes will we go through? What might we destroy, or what might destroy us? All stories. All choices. All leaves.

As a publisher, it occurred to me that writers experiment with storytelling. They try different voices, different styles, different characters, seeing what works best for them on paper. And so it is with life, a constant experiment.

We all are the fallen leaves. In the end, you make your own story. Don’t let the story make you.

Welcome to Fallen Leaves.


We made it!

We’ve just released the second magazine in the series Longshot Island. This one is called Fallen Leaves and showcases photography of the woods in winter by M. H. Vesseur.  This time we’ve also included an interview with Samuel Claussen and poems by Justin Kern. And don’t forget, stories of fiction by a host of talented authors.









Face Forward

What does Face Forward mean? It’s a reference to society. It’s that condition of looking ahead even when things maynot seem right. It’s marching in time when the clocks are all broken. Students in the classroom must face forward. Old men stumbling down busy sidewalks must face forward. Soldiers face forward as they head into war.

Everything we see and hear tells us to face forward or be lost! But maybe, just maybe, it’s time to stop and look around.

As a publisher, it occurred to me recently that writing is an attempt at individuality. This magazine presents a collection of truly unique stories. The voices stand out from the crowd. They cry out, look, life is more than the rules we all grew up with. Life’s what you make it.

Welcome to Face Forward.



Here are the first color pictures for the start of the new series Longshot Island. This one is called Face Forward.




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