D. S. White, editor-in-chief

D. S. White has an MBA degree. While his expertise is in business, his passion is in writing. His collection of short stories, The Land of Words, broke the top 50 best seller list on Amazon. The book is a healthy mixture of speculative and literary pieces, showing off his curiosity for all kinds of storytelling. He was born in the mountains but now lives by the sea.



Christian Adams, editor

Christian Adams was born in Chicago, IL, earned a degree in Creative Writing at San Francisco State University, and currently resides in South East Asia. His first book of non-fiction, The Lazy Bastard Guide to Mandarin, was published by International Publications Media Group (IPMG), New York, in 2012. Though he currently identifies himself as musician first and a writer second, Adams has been the head writer and editor of a major publishing house in Taiwan since 2008, while maintaining a modestly successful freelance career and supporting his own literary portal, Black Sunshine Media. As a reader, Adams enjoys a wide range of storytelling styles and genres, including but not limited to the works of Henry Miller, Kurt Vonnegut, David Foster Wallace, and Haruki Murakami.


Eli J. Patton, editor

Eli J. Patton grew up in a used book store, but his mind has always been in the stars. Language and science fiction have fascinated him since he received his first encyclopedia set as a child.

As an adult he set out on the adventure of a lifetime by joining the military, but some things don’t happen as planned.  He found himself, once again a civilian, pursuing a trifecta of degrees in linguistics, language acquisition, and Mandarin Chinese.

His most current project is writing a science fiction novel that teaches the reader a new pidgin language based on the most common sounds, grammar, and vocabulary from English and Mandarin. He is using corpus linguistics and language teaching methods so that each chapter has more of the new language than the last, until the final section is completely written in the new language.